Bright Mind abacus



General Questions

This is a systematic skills development program in children 5 to 14/15 years. This Unique Mental Math Program utilizes abacus to stimulate both side of the brain to promote over all development of self-learning skills.

8 hrs/month (weekly 2hr) classes are conducted.

Yes! Child can attend a free demo session which is conducted to assess the potential of the child and also to clear the parents queries.

Abacus is a whole Brain Development Program resulting in Visualization, Increased Concentration and Enhanced Memory. Abacus program not only helps the child to improve in Math, but also helps in the overall learning ability.

No, Kids won’t get confused as abacus method does not interfere with the school method of teaching math. Abacus is a tool to solve simple to complex arithmetic Calculations.

An assessment is conducted at the end of every Level. On Successful completion of assessment, the child will be promoted to the next level and a certificate of successful completion is given at the end of every level.

It is the parents responsibility to make sure that the child is attending the classes and ensure that if the child is working on home practice daily as PRATICE is the key to the Abacus Program.